With a sincere and passionate heart, we're deeply convinced that "Life will become more beautiful when giving and sharing". Advantechers enthusiastically participate in all kinds of volunteering work, including charity sales, help for the disadvantaged, tutoring and other worthy causes.

When the "88 Flood" happened, Advantechers climbed Ali Mountain and helped the aboriginal people rebuild their homes. Weekend afternoons may be a relaxing time for other people, but for Advantech Able Club members, it's the time to give their love, time and effort. They sometimes accompany children from disadvantaged families, tell stories, or care for old people living alone. With our passionate caring, we change "small love" to "big love".

In addition, we have been actively promoting a "people-centered innovation campaign" to give all volunteers a valuable experience through participation, sharing and giving, and also spreading public welfare experiences for the benefit of a social innovation study to make our community better.